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I Am The Diaspora

Aug 14, 2019

Ijeoma joins me on The Iveoma Show to discuss why her boutique that she started in Enugu, Nigeria collapsed, how it took her life savings’ and the extremely useful business lessons she learned.



  • Why Ijeoma relocated to Enugu, Nigeria in 2013 (:56)
  • How the Enugu State Government told her that they will demolish her shop 2 days after the grand opening (3:23)
  • How she was let down by her connections/acquaintances in Nigeria (8:00)
  • How leaving America to go to Nigeria made her appreciate her life in America so much more (12:41)
  • Advice for diaspora who want to build a business in Nigeria  (14:28)
  • The importance of understanding the Nigerian customer needs and income (16:49)